Need help!

I am new in all this and I need to know how can I learn faster on how to use Javascript. All that I know is that JavaScript has only three primitive data types: String, Number, and Boolean. Is this a good start, can you make some recommendations, or send me to an appropriate tutorial to help me out?


  • Hi there! You should definitely check out the Codecademy tutorial about Javascript, in under 5 hours you get to know the language and its differences from others. What you said is right, there are only three data types, which makes it a bit harder to learn if you come from an object-oriented langauge. Anyway here's the link below:

    Hope it works for you!
  • Hi, Alexa thanks for sharing the Codecademy tutorial about Javascript, I will sure use it. Is no need to learn the JavaScript in only 5 hours but I am glad I can learn faster.
    Thank you, I will sure use it!
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