your feelings when you lose access to internet

When it got to my notice that I love the internet more than my girlfriend was when a friend of mine took my phone out and I didn't know he was out, later on I asked of him but I got the response that he is not close,

When i called him on phone he told me that he is coming and I waited for him for a long time, then I became angry within me that I started thinking about this phone so dearly more than anything, and also I had a task to accomplish that night, I was so unhappy till he came back, that was when I Started smiling...

Share your thoughts on this thread thanks


  • Surfing the net is so addictive. I don't think I can stay a day without going online. Most times all devices in the house would be flat because of browsing couple with the fact that my country is a dead zone when it comes to electricity and the generator decides not to respond.It can be depressing.

    All in all can't stay a day without access to the internet.
  • Considering that I'm working online and all my revenues are coming from online sites, I am very angry if I lose my Internet connection for any reason at all. I need to be connected all the time and my device to work very well to finish all my tasks.
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