who introduced you to internet marketing

Internet marketing have been a very large market in the world that have brought about so many rich people in the scene and also new people that are willing to be part of this market, and though it have gotten to my notice that so many of us have some people that made them join the market,

Yes for me my good friend made me join this world of internet marketing and also coached me on how I can go about it... And today I really appreciate everything he has done for me on the internet market thats a very nice place to be ...

Can you please share with us how and what made you join the market thanks


  • I actually found out about it myself when I was looking at videos of other youtubers doing it and I found it fun. Spent a couple hundred buying equipment to get started on Amazon and managed to return my investment in about 2 months and has been going strong for over a year now. Was hard and difficult in the beginning but I'd say its worth it.
  • Wow @zxd22 that's a very nice one by doing it yourself it shows how much you love the market, that nice of you I know how you felt the first time you joined the market that normally looks like hell, but with time you will start adjusting and besides begin to fall in love with the business mostly the time you started getting some bucks ...

    Thanks for your review on the thread thanks alot
  • The one who introduced me to Internet Marketing was my IT teacher. He quit his job as his blog became massive. He is now pretty successful at earning online income.
  • Lol @fishmonk that's nice do you still get in touch with him/her for putting you through into this strong market of strong and smart people, I know you are really enjoying the business because its fun being into the game,
    Thanks for your review take buyer
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    I found about it myself. I was searching for ways to make money online, and I came across those sites that are all "MAKE $3249234 PER SECOND" so I looked for an alternative to know what they're talking about and found out internet marketing, I did try it even and I failed miserably.
  • I attended a business seminar years back and the instructor was really stressing the need for youths to take advantage of the numerous and different markets on the internet.

    I checked it out the next day and here I'm today.
  • Hi, Gifthoi, I have learned myself, about the Internet Marketing. More than ten years ago I have looked for ways to earn online, and I have found a lot of sites and people who helped me out. Soon the Internet Marketing was my second job and soon became the only job, a steady and good paid job for me.
  • A friend of mine and I founded a website a few months ago and he already had some knowledge about Internet Marketing. I'm very creative sometimes so that helps us in promoting our website and we've been mildly succesful until now (we're still waiting for the big "boom" to come, but we're sure it will). Social Medias are the trick in this type of marketing, and my personal recommendations are have a distinctive logo for your company and a great slogan.

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