Where did you learn coding and programming?

Just curious guys. I have seen some online school academies for coding and programming and I just wanted to know if some of you learned them through those websites. Would love to know from you people who really learned from the Internet and not in school. :)


  • I learned some basics about coding online and I signed up for many courses. Learning through websites can be boring if you're not motivated enough. You must have perseverance and passion about learning to code. I suggest to sign up for courses in real life and get the basics online!
  • I learned mine through my brother.Have a super duper programmer for a brother.

    I also learned some online, do some research on things I don't seem to understand.
  • Not until recent, I didn't have much passion for programming. I just saw it as something one could pass time with. I remember doing some part of it at my early years at the university. I didn't have a Laptop then, so I didn't have a way to practice what we were taught. But when I left there and relocated to a new environment where coding and programming was taken more seriously, I started giving it a thought.
    At a point in time, I needed someone to design my first website for me and i after paying the much I paid, I asked myself why i couldn't learn it and do it even for others. That was how I started developing passion for programming. I took online courses at codeacademy and I will always check out W3schools, Quora and StackOverflow and so on whenever I needed to do some stuffs. Quite well, I have been doing great and can already design some not so complex websites. It's possible to always learn these things online.
  • I started learning coding at school in 9th grade and only picked up interest when I was in 11th grade. I started learning on my own from sites like Codecademy and FreeCodeCamp and gained a lot of experience through work and free source projects.
  • I learned quite a bit of coding from my Math teacher in 11th grade actually. He was an engineer of computers and now teaches advanced math as a retirement job. He taught me mainly how to code up websites and what not but then I also used his tips along with CodeAcademy and that's where things got going. Really great beginner site if you want to get into coding!
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