Scraping Websites using Python

I was checking some of the web scraping related options. And it seems python is very popular in this market. And many people are using the python for their work. I have found that the python has framework named scrapy. It can scrape content, links, images and other data. And it can crawl through any website. So it can be really good tool for anyone into scraping. Do you have any experience with scraping the web? Or have any idea on how to do it with python?


  • Python has been one of the widely used language in programming and it's not shocking to hear that they have scraping related options available. Could be available from the previous versions also.
  • Yes I know that it is widely used language. The thing is that I want to know if there are any good frameworks apart from scrapy. So that I can make use of them in the projects. This way I can scrape some websites. This is for the projects being used in most of the freelance sites. Where they want someone to scrape content from the online web.
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