Hello from Libra!

Hello everybody,

I'm Libra. I'm 26 years old and I come from Europe. I have quite some experience in website designing, coding, SEO and other various internet related areas. I am very happy to be able to join the W3Forums. I will try my best to share my knowledge and also learn from other members ;)

See you around!


  • What's your experience wit SEO? I'm very idly curious about SEO and how are you doing at synchronizing everything together? Did you think about website designing as a full time job? it can be very lucrative. I'm asking because I'm thinking of availing in such field.
  • Well, I initially started SEO because I made a blog and I read how important optimization is for the search engine and actually ranking high. So from there on, I've decided to educate myself as much as possible. I spent hours and hours reading and watching different guides/tutorials from various websites. You can find plenty of free resources on the internet from some of the most successful SEOs in the world.

    After I've applied my knowledge to my blog, it was quite easy to see it getting higher and higher. That was when I realized that this is absolutely amazing. The sad thing is that many blog/website owners don't realize its benefits.

    I have done a lot of SEO based jobs and services through freelancing platforms. Anything from On-page SEO and Off-page :) it's definitely profitable!
  • Hey buddy! Welcome to W3Forums. I agree with you. Seems like everything you need to know about something is already in the Internet. With all those knowledge of yours about SEO, you can definitely earn money in anyway possible.
  • Hey Libra, welcome to our community, hope you'll have a good time learning from all the topics here.

    As you said, we wouldn't mind to share in your wealth of knowledge.
  • Hi, I am pretty new here too. What languages can you code in ? I am sure you will fit in here nicely with your depth of knowledge.
  • Hello, Libra welcome in our community. Feel free to write here and share your knowledge, we are here to learn from one another!
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