I can't embed Robot.me chatbot

I've long wanted to put a Chatbot on one of my sites. And I finally found a very good and free provider of customizable Chatbots - robot.me. This website showcases a lot of different Chatbots like Simsimi, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and also gives you the ability to create your own Chatbot. You can teach what the Chatbot is going to reply for certain sentences or phrases. You can provide it with a welcome message, greetings, etc.

But there's one problem. I cannot embed my Chatbot to my WordPress site. There's an option that says embed. I copied the code given, added a new page, then pasted the code to the html editor on the page. When I viewed the page, nothing shows. What could I be doing wrong?


  • I have tried your method but it didn't work out. I heard that is not working by copied the code and that we must install a messenger and there we can use the Chatbot, but I'm not sure about this! Maybe you should document on this!
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