BbPress Vs WPForo

BBPress has been a long running forum plugin for WordPress. I've used it in some of my sites and I've been very satisfied with it. BBPress has a ton of customisation features which makes it a very complete forum plugin. It can also be integrated with other 3rd party plugins to make it even more awesome. Like for instance the integration of MyPoints plugin to give users points for every thread created and every reply made, etc.

Then, as I was browsing through plugins in my WordPress dashboard, I came across a highly rated plugin called WPForo. It seems to be a very new plugin but has already a lot of downloads and has received lots of praise from users. I tried it out and was very amazed at its flexibility. What I liked was that the forum offered different layouts. It could even be made into a question and answer type of forum with just a few tweaks in the settings.

Have you tried these two forum plugins? Which do you think is better?


  • I wasn't aware of WPForo before reading this post, to be honest. I looked at the WPForum Official Community Forum to get an idea of what it looks and feels like and it looks pretty good. I can't remember if BBPress had the same feature but I really like how there is a question and answer style option for individual forums with WPForum. From my experience, BBPress was decent but it was nothing special. I think the only reason people use either are because there are no alternatives for Wordpress. Out of the two, I would say BBPress is the better option because it has a larger community, therefore, will have more resources and more support available.
  • I agree that BBPress is still the go-to forum plugin for WordPress, but WPForo is gaining ground real fast. The ability to use different layouts per sub forum (which is not available on BBPress) is the main feature of WPForo. I think their developers are pretty good, given that they were able to put this feature on their plugin.

    BBPress and WPForo are the only free forum plugins for WordPress but they're not the only forum plugins. There are also a number of paid forum plugins available for download. But who wants paid when you already have something free right?
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