R Programming

I came across this language while searching for data science. I don't know how much data science is valuable these days. But considering the demand for the position. I wanted to learn it so as to get more control over the learning aspect. I am not sure if other languages are in demand as much as R language these days. But most of the data science jobs are demanding R.

Have you tried R programming language? What's your experience with this language?


  • Well it's open-source with quality functionality. R is also a very capable statistical package for visualization, My experience with this language is a mere spontaneous act. Did you try it yet?
  • To be honest Ido not need to use the R programming language in my actual job, but I will try to help you as much as I can. The R programming language is needed in science data for its mathematical symbols and formulae, and from what I know this is a free software that runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms and Linux, Windows and MacOS.
  • It is a free software. And the language is good enough for those who are into data science. And yes the language is possible to be used in the Windows, Mac and Linux. I have found that these days there are plenty of R programming tutorials out there too. I am just learning it right now.
  • R programming is very good if you constantly work with numbers and calculations. In my college R language is used mainly on statistics and probability. That's where R shines. It can even be a substitute to big softwares like Matlab, which costs a lot of money and its size is at least 2GB.

  • Thanks. I learned that for data science based projects this can be a good option. And though not sure how it can be for the commercial apps. I guess we have to take each language for it's merits and demerits. So it depends on how that works out. I have so far used Matlab, Mathamatic and R. All of them are good.
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