In need of a small PHP script

I am in need of a php script, or the modification of a script that I had written several years ago. Not sure which would be easier, so I will try to explain.

I had a working script on my website that would create word scramble work sheets for visitor. The way the script worked was that on the first page the user would enter the number of words they wanted to scramble. The next page would present a form that would have boxes for worksheet title, teacher's name, and a separate box for each word.
The user would enter a word in each box and then press submit.

The script would then present a list of all the words on one side of the page with the scrambled word on the other side. So, it would be like

box is obx
obx is box.

Then the user would be able to print that page so he/she would have an answer key. Then the user would press NEXT and the final page would open with a numbered list of scrambled words. Each word would also have a line that the student could use to write the unscrambled word on. Of course, there was also a print button so that the user could print a clean page that he/she would give to the student. On the bottom of the printed page there would also appear a small text with my website name and url.

Like I said in the beginning, I have this script, but it stopped working after I upgraded my server php from 4.* to 5.*

So, I need a similar script to replace the one that stopped working, or the script I have reworked so it works with the new version of php.

Please shot me an email with a quote on the project if you are interested.

Thanks in advance.
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