Looking for a little help: Scanning all files and directories

Ok, first off, I do not want to be given a fully working script. I am trying to exercise my coding abilities.

I'm trying to write a script that will scan every file and directory on a domain and store them in arrays, the files along side their last modified timestamp.

Here is what I've put together so far. I know it's flawed and far from finished.
$results = scandir($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']);
	$dirs = array();
	$files = array();

	function fileSort($data){

		if (is_dir($data)) {
			$dirs[] = $data;
		} else if (is_file($data)) {
			$files[] = $data;

		return array($dirs, $files);

	}//END fileSort

	function pathing($results){

		foreach ($results as $result) {
			if ($result === '.' OR $result === '..') {
			} else {				
			}//END if Statement		
		}//END foreach



I appreciate any input! :)


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