playing a video full size in a panel

Hi Guys,

I am writing a program that allows you to play a .wmv file in a panel through mediaplayer, but when I play the video it displays in full size but only in a portion of the panel, I want it to display in the whole panel. I am sure that I had it working in the start, but now it doesn't

any helps would be greatly appreciated.


Steve :)


  • Hi Guys,

    After several days of searching on google I did find the answer, so anyone out there who needs the code, here it is.

    MediaPlayer1.DisplayRect := Rect(0, 0, Panel1.Width, Panel1.Height);

  • That's cool Steve! When you are facing errors don't stop to look over the internet, review your coding. It may helps you a lot when you have the determination to accomplish your project.
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