can a virus run itself without autorun

Hello guys,
Is that possible for a virus to run itself from Flash memory without using autorun file ??
Thanks in advance


  • Yes, it is possible.
  • yes,this is possible.
  • Definitely possible. I have seen a lot of articles on the Internet saying that there are a lot of malwares and viruses who don't need autorun in order for it to run. It's pretty scary if you ask me.
  • Some viruses attach to the services and the other executable. So it's possible that they may run once those triggers are run. In such case it'd be hard to get rid of virus. And often they require you to do format of the system in order to remove them from OS. So such viruses can be scary and pretty much damaging for sure.
  • It needs some sort of initialization. A file does not initiate for no reason at all; something has to cause it to load in some way.
  • No, it is not possible for a virus to run itself from Flash memory without using autorun file. It depends on where the virus is stored in what file and it needs an initialization, something must make it run, or load in some way.
  • Yes. It's absolutely possible, it may get its run by background startups. Get yourself the latest antivirus program and it'll help you enough so you must have no worries!
  • Definitely yes if it exist on the system. Moreover, for the fact that your system is connected to the internet there no way you can run away from it not coming up on the system even if you've got an anti virus for the system it'll still FIND ITS WAY
  • Yes, as long as you download something from the internet that contains a virus it can start acting without running anything. It's extremely common with pictures.
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