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Hello guys , my website current template has an external CSS link that has many images URLs in it, The problem is that external file takes so long to be loaded and I wanna download the CSS file and relative images on my server so website can be loaded faster,Now the question is is there anyway I could download relative images easily without checking the CSS content manually?
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  • Unfortunately, to the extent of my knowledge, if you want to download and keep the images on your server, you would have to change the path to the images in the CSS file. If you're only changing the CSS file to load from your server you *SHOULD* be able to leave it as it is.
  • Thank you Raikiriu , Actually I meant both of downloading and changing the URLs, so there is no way to do this??
    or do it easier?
  • I do not t know of a way to "easily" do everything at once. They only way I can think of is manually changing the urls.

    There "probably" exists scripts/applications that will handle the tasks automatically, but I do not know of any.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help,
  • Not really a web expert but I've done a few side projects for fun. I'm not sure of any automated way to do what you want. As I understand your question I would suggested downloading it all then going through the CSS and removing stuff you don't need / want manually.
    This would be slower to do manually but having the images / css file locally would be faster for clients as they don't have to reach out to 3rd party servers for the needed content.
    Hope this helps
  • Thank you FlakkenTime,
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