Signing off…

Over the past few years these forums have slowly died. It is at the point where there are days without any posts. I have been lurking around here for many years (since 2006), and at one point I was fairly active, but now it is just depressing coming here.

It has been fun, but it is time to move on...


  • There was a time a couple years ago where spammers bombed the place.

    But now, even they've given up.

    That's how dead it's got.
  • So that's why I see a lot of unreplied discussions. It's sad that people have to go when in fact they can check out once in a while. Take care brother!
  • Well,I'm a newbie and seeing some discussions with no comments.I think it will be stable now that it is back and we'll get to learn and gain knowledge from the site.
  • Hi, I am new here, I have joined this forum today and I am eager to know much more about PC, programs, software, etc. You should not give up on this forum, there are plenty things to do here.
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