Suggest topics for PhD theses


Please suggest topic for PhD theses. I`m currently working on it, but it seems that I have to pick new topic because it`s too hard to find needed materials and literature. I`m studying IT System Development and working as a Software Tester so both programming, testing and databases can be the subject area. Add also a list of books or homepages from where I can get needed info (better if the books are newer than 2003 and known worldwide). PhD theses has to be atleast 50 pages long.

I found some books to add value from usability point of view so I have some books to use when creating UI. One book is this one:


  • What's your current topic?
  • Rhal where are you? Explain about your current topic?
  • Current topic is connected to brain training games and I chose it because it sounded just interesting for me but so far I haven`t found the books I need and for example, I`m not even able to group different types of brain training excercises, because this type of literature cannot be found nowhere. There are lots of info about how to memorize different type of information but not what I need.

    Just suggest something that you could use in your everydays work, something what is important to most of the software development workers.
  • Brain training is closely connected to varying disciplines of neuroscience, a scientific field that has plenty of literature available. I personally think that a thesis on the software side of brain training games has such little relevance that it does not warrant further pursuing. Better topics for IT include data warehousing, data analysis, distributed storage and computing, cloud systems, various topics related to security, etc.
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