The C Programming language (K&R) Book

I have been checking out The C Programming Language by K&R (The book mostly everyone learned C from) and I was wondering why is it so popular among many programmers? A lot of beginners learned from the book but I find the book a little hard to follow. Why is K&R's book style so popular and loved by many programmers? Is it something really special or what? I noticed another book (Programming In Lua) is also said to be "K&R" style and again, it's popular and 5 stars by many on amazon. Can someone explain to me why "K&R" book style is so popular? It seems hard to follow to me.


  • UPD I did not noticed I am answering an old thread, sorry!

    I myself learned C by this book.

    One of the things which make it worthy are really great exercises given at each chapter. It even inspired me to create my small site with programming problems.

    Another thing - it is a book written by language authors.
    It seems hard to follow to me.

    C itself is not the easiest language for beginner. It is better to approach it after having average experience with some other language, for example Python.

    As I remember it also was bit hard to me to start working through this book, but after several days thinigs became better :)

    But make sure you are not mistaken C for C++. As for latter - the best (probably) book is "C++ Primer".
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