Live Chat Plugin for Drupal Websites by Banckle

Banckle.Chat is offering an online customer support and live chat plugin for Drupal website owners to easily communicate with website visitors. It allows you to collaborate and get social with your customers on a personal level. Banckle live chat plugin for Drupal is very easy to install and you can integrate this online chat plugin with your Drupal website by creating free account at Banckle. It provides an Admin Console which gives you complete control to perform important tasks, and using this console you can also monitor your website traffic.

Banckle.Chat plugin for Drupal offers the following salient feature:
• Define new departments and add users to each department
• Define new widgets and integrate Banckle Chat on multiple websites
• Define pre-define chat messages known as Canned Messages
• View, manage and reply to customer’s offline messages
• Define new rules for live chat
• You can view blocked IPs which other operators have blocked to access to website
• Define new fields for customers to get more information about them
• You can setup your own notification settings
• You can do the live translation to understand your visitor as you chat with them online
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