I'm proud to deliver ScriptFactorem to the world after continuously working for weeks. The website is now online and the version 1.0.0 of the executable is openly available : ScriptFactorem

It's a remake of one of my old application : Charny Script Maker

ScriptFactorem is a lightweight .NET application that gives you the possibility to create scripts based on some simple logic. ScriptFactorem can be used to create any type of scripts. Those scripts can be used in any context : video games, text processing, image processing and so on.

The application most likely still contains many bugs, therefore I need your help to fix them. Also, the development is far from over, every suggestions will be taken into consideration. Website and application suggestions are more than appreciated. You can submit bug reports and suggestions via the contact form or the in-built forms in the application.

A script repository is available for those who would like to share their scripts with other people.





Download ScriptFactorem v1.0.0

The manual can be found HERE.

Thank you and enjoy the app! :icon_cheesygrin:
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