Html Editor

I'm looking for an html editor I can embed into my website so I can write and upload articles/blogs/etc, rather than write the articles separately and manually add them to the database.

I did try a search for this, but given the key words, all I can find are html editor applications for web design. What I'm looking for is a library so that I can incorporate a simple HTML editor (much like the one I'm using to type this message).

Thanks for any help.


  • All you need is the rendering engine for HTML, and those are plentiful. You can type up your markup in a TextBox and then pass it to something like Blink or Trident, or there may even be JS or PHP engines that can do that for you.
  • Well, what I'm particularly looking for is a decorated editor (textbox) that has functions for inserting links, images, and so on. That's all I need. Rendering the actual HTML shouldn't really be a problem. I won't be the only one using this, so I'd like it to look presentable. I figure with how common they are on forums and blogs and whatnot, that there'd be a library readily available.
  • If you’re looking for a HTML editor why don't use the sublime text. But to think that you want to build a website of blog site you can try the wordpress, actually it is very convenient in making such a beautiful website just do it with creativity.
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