Disable / enable windows update.

Ok I have an issue where windows will do an update and svcHost takes up 99% of the cpu. Pretty much locking up the rest of the computer till its done. I could just turn off updates, but i need to make sure the updates apply. My idea was to have some software fix this..but not sure how..

as i dont mind if the svcHost is using 99% of the CPU as long as the user is not trying to run TestExc program. Also sometimes the TestExc software is open, but not being used. So during this time its also ok for svcHost to use 99%.

But also a user could be testing a part, it gets done and sits for 2-3 mins before another part is tested.. Thus i do not want the 99% cpu to start if the TestExc program has only been idle for a few mins. I guess more then 30 mins would be best

So any ideas on how to create a software that would do this automatically


  • See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa362813.aspx and try to set the priority of Windows update to LOW.
    Also increase the priority of TestExc using the Task Manager or use a shortcut to start it with a target something like this:
    "%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c start "TestExc" /high "C:\Whatever\TestExc.exe"
    Obviously change Whatever to be the path for TestExc.
    You could try realtime instead of high priority but be careful TestExc doesn't hog the CPU.
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