Haskell Module Import

Good Evening,

I am trying to import the Data.String.Utils module in my Haskell code. I've installed MissingH via cabal, and am using WinHugs on Windows 7.

The start of my code reads
import Data.String.Utils

However, WinHugs returns

ERROR file:.\ex.hs - Can't find imported module "Data.String.Utils"

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Thanks! :)


  • You might get an answer if you joined their user's group. I never heard of that language before. And after reading about it I still don't know what kind of language it is.
  • Looks just like the error we get when the include file for a C program, can't be found.

    Locate that module, and be sure it's in the directory that Haskell expects to find it in. Then Google that message and see what others have posted about it.
  • Well it depends where cabal install MissingH but apparently using cabal packages in hugs can be 'hit or miss', you could try searching hoogle for whatever function you're in need of maybe it's already defined elsewhere.
    hoogle http://www.haskell.org/hoogle/

    Also try running interactive mode with ghci and import it there.

    Haskell is a functional strict typed programming language mostly used in math and artificial intelligence. Though there are a few companies on wallstreet that use them for all their code also.
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