suggest idea for Android application???

hi folks,

suggest me a topic to develop an Andriod app for my curriculum,the idea like simple and unique....???


  • Maybe an Android application that help you... to write a curriculum? :)
  • How about an application that allows you to take pictures, comment on them, and provides GPS coordinates... to where the data could be stored on the sdcard or uploaded to the web?
  • @Mahesh4590
    i have always idea about games
    but its difficult to make alone
    so,i can suggest you ,you can make games,
    they are always innovative....
  • Location based reminder system, like if you visit market sometime the app should remind you the stuffs you want to buy from the market....Using GPS and SMS service...Seems good :D
  • talking app.. When someone calls you dont want to talk to just run the app and it will simulate your voice and reply as needed..
  • Roadway Pothole reporting app idea -- using smart phone Inertial Sensor and GPS location position sensors; as a result, when pothole phone app is enabled; it follows, when shock sensor registers a 'bounce' from vehicle driving over bad roadway then GPS coordinates are logged to phone for share of bad road location information reporting to local city or county road maintenance department. Maybe also a link to Google maps for point location and map screen capture to send along with road pothole report. :icon_idea:
  • Good idea! If 100,000 cars per day are running over that same pothole and all of them have that program then the city will soon get very bombarded with reports. Maybe they will get the hint they need to do something about it.
  • Hi, Mahesh my idea is a home based app, I mean an app that shows you what happens in your home, if you forgot the gas open you will be noticed by your app, or if you left the light turn on, or if a water pipe will break you will be flooded, you get a notice from your app.
    Hopes this helps, good luck!
  • I'll like an app to get Nanda diagnostics out of my cell. Nanda is the book of diagnostics for nurses and they are really hard to learn because each one comes with a code and one must learn the code that comes with the diagnostic, it'll be really helpful to just have and app for that. Especially to see the code! The diagnostics is easy but the code it's a bit of a trick to learn....
  • I would like an app to remind and monitor whether my grandmother takes her medicine. I guess the app should be simple for elderly people to use.
  • Wow a nice thread I would love you to create a site that will beat GTA sandreas video games I really love those games and want a very nice and another type of this game, that can get me thrilled again just like the GTA games thanks
  • I need an app that would show us where stolen things just set it up and it begins to see the location where stolen items are hid.
  • If you want to build an app for a curriculum you need to develop something simple. I would maybe go with a simple to-do list where you can synchronize the data with a server. That shouldn't be extremely difficult to create.
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