MBasic Anyone?

I have an old 8080 that i assume only lets me program in MBasic. Its annoying everyprogram i write messes something up... anyone here good or average with MBasic?

OK First i tried to create a simple program that took a persons name and printed it on screen..

10 INPUT "Your Name", NAME$
20 Print "Hello" + NAME$

it keep giving syntax error on 10

So i skipped the input and did this

10 PRINT "Hello World"
20 PRINT "How have you been?"

and well it ran just fine..
Then i tried to save it..i think..

SAVE "Hello.BAS"

Which screwed up quite a bit... Now i can no longer acces MBasic.. Of course i just poped in another floppy and started over... but i would like to know what happen and if i can fix it on that floppy ... as i only have about 3 disk with MBasic on it.. Also how i get the dam INPUT command to work :D



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