Why isn't the one picture need not popping up in my homework?

Hi.I been told to make a very simple webpage but the problem is that the one picture needed for this isn't popping up.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8"/>
<title>Math High:Leonhard Euler</title>
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<link href="mhstyles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


	 <img src="D:/lab1/images/mhlogo.jpeg" alt="Math High" width="150" length="500"/>
		 <article><h1>Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)</h1>

         <p>The greatest mathematician of the eighteenth century,<strong>Leonhard Euler</strong> was 
         born in Basel, Switzerland. There, he studied under another giant of 
         mathematics,<strong>Jean Bernoulli</strong>. In 1731 Euler became a professor of physics 
         and mathematics at St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Euler was the most 
         prolific mathematician of all time, publishing over <em>800 different books</em> and 
         papers. His influence was felt in physics and astronomy as well.</p>

        <p>He is perhaps best known for his research into mathematical analysis. Euler's 
        work,<cite>Introductio in analysin infinitorum (1748)</cite>, remained a standard textbook 
		in the field for well over a century. For the princess of Anhalt-Dessau he wrote 
		<cite>Lettres a une princesse d'Allemagne (1768-1772)</cite>, giving a clear non-technical 
		outline of the main physical theories of the time.</p>

        <p>One can hardly write a mathematical equation without copying Euler. 
        Notations still in use today, such as <var>e</var> and &pi;, were introduced in
		Euler's writings. Leonhard Euler died in 1783, leaving behind 
        a legacy perhaps unmatched, and certainly unsurpassed, in the annals 
        of mathematics.</p></article>
<aside><h1>The Most Beautiful Theorem?</h1>

<p>Euler's Equation</p>

<p>cos(<var>x</var>) + <var>i</var>sin(<var>x</var>) = e <sup>(<var>ix</var>)</sup></p>

<p>demonstrates the relationship between algebra, complex analysis, 
and trigonometry. From this equation, it's easy to derive
the identity</p>

<p><var>e</var><sup>(&pi; <var>i</var>)</sup> + 1 = 0</p> 

<p>which relates the fundamental constants: 0, 1, &pi;,<var>e</var>, and <var>i</var> in
a single beautiful and elegant statement. A poll of readers 
conducted by <cite>The Mathematical Intelligencer magazine</cite>
named Euler's Identity as the most beautiful theorem in 
the history of mathematics.</p></aside>

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I've tried combinations like
<img src="D:/lab1/images/mhlogo.jpeg" alt="Math High" width="150" length="500"/>

but it still doesn't work despite the picture file clearly being in that location

<img src="mhlogo.jpg" alt="Math High">

it always keeps on being output on chrome,IE and firefox browser as a piece of paper with a red triangle,green circle and blue square slightly torn in the bottom right.Why is this?.What am I doing wrong that it doesn't appear on the browser already?.


  • What is the exact file extension? .jpg or .jpeg (or something else)? You can display file extensions in windows by going to folder options and un-checking the 'hide extensions for known file types" box. This is often very handy for programmers.

    Where is the image in relation to the html page?

    [icode]<img src="images/mhlogo.jpg" alt="Math High">[/icode]
  • Hello,

    You need to change from
    <img src="D:/lab1/images/mhlogo.jpeg" alt="Math High" width="150" length="500"/>
    <img src="images/mhlogo.jpeg" alt="Math High" width="150" length="500"/>

    Good Luck!
  • Most, if not all, web servers have a set group of directories they are restricted to. They can not search through an entire directory structure of a computer even if told where it is.

    Make a directory for images under the directory for where you store your working html pages. Move or copy the picture to that directory, then reference the picture from that directory rather than the original. So long as the directory is below where the html documents are stored, the server should be able to access it.
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