Unable to connect to wireless network via external network adapter, But...

Ok, so I am able to connect to this wireless network with no problems via my laptop's internal network adapter, but Im not able to with my Netgear external adapter...Im on windows 7 now and I have ran all the troubleshooting but it tells me there is nothing wrong...im not sure what the problem is..

Also im on Windows 7 64-bit...I was able to do it just fine while under 32-bit, but i switched due to no drivers available from dell for 32-bit seven OS.

I appreciate any assistance with this! It is very annoying!


  • Is it just the one AP that you cant connect to, or can you not connect to any AP's with the external?

    Perhaps you have the incorrect or no drivers installed if that is the case.
  • Did you check your drivers? if it's not a hardware issue then try the most simple solution. Try to update the drivers. Maybe the problem is from your Windows version. If you did ran the troubleshooting and nothing showed up then your problem might be caused by some bug. Restart your device to find out
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