Mime type/Video player not loading .srt

As the title says my video player is not loading .srt (subtitle of video) when I upload it on my hosting, but when I'm using link to .srt (subtitle) of friends website/hosting it's ok.

I've added mime type to .htaccess :

AddType text/plain .srt

but still video is not loading .srt file :/

Does anyone know what's the problem?

I'm using IPAGE hosting.


  • What's the difference between them? Perhaps the local path is incorrect.
  • I'm not exactly sure how .srt files work when you put them on a server, but if you have the same name both on the .srt file and on the video file, and also on the same folder, there shouldn't be a problem. You have to keep in count that sometimes regular media players won't read .srt files, such as outdated Quicktime players.

    Maybe you could use a video editing software to incrust the .srt files to the video itself.
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