how to make a html page to open faster?

how to make a html page move faster, in order to let readers open my site more faster, I make home page html , but seems it will still take 3-5 seconds to open it, really don't understand why so slowly, I had no exact things but only text links and 2 photos, it should be move faster, but actually not, should someone tell me why, thanks.


  • Hi
    Try have only one, or maximum 2 external .css files, and maximum 3 external .js files.
    If the page contains scripts from other websites, for example JavaScript scripts that have to load .js file from other website, then your loading page depends also by the state and speed of that website.
  • You can check individual load and wait times for each file with firebug. Im betting the latency you are seeing is the client waiting to hear back from the server.
  • what type of server is hosting your website? There are several server side things you can tune in apache. I am sure there are things you can do for IIS as well....
  • Sometimes this problem arises from server side so you should also consult with your hosting company.Try to minimize use of external css and .js files.
  • For enhanced the time of loading your website you must use lower resolution image avoid in line css and js. And please check your website loading time.
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