isertion sort programm

Insertion sort
Hello everyone! I am begginer in this, and really need some help. It is simple programm, but i have a problem with line 39 how can i pass that number back to main? Thank you very much!!!!!
(I need numcount to count how many timesdata needed to be moved in order to sort 10 integers)

int main()
   int array[10];
   int last=9;
   int i;
   int numcount;
   int num;
   for (i=0;i < 10;i++)
       array[i] = rand() % 10;
   insertionSort(array, last , numcount);
   int t;

   printf(" Integers have been sorted:");
   for ( t=0; t < 10; t++)
       printf(" %d ,", array[t]); 
    printf(" \nNumber of moves needed to sort array is: %d", numcount);
  return 0;

int insertionSort ( int list[], int last, int numcount ){
     int hold;
     int counting=0;
     int walker;
     int current;
     for ( current = 1; current <= last; current++){
         hold = list[current];
         for (walker = current - 1; walker >= 0 && hold < list[walker]; walker--){
                    list[walker+1] = list[walker];
         list [walker + 1] = hold;
          numcount= counting;
         return numcount;


  • numcount = insertionSort(blah,blah,blah);  //on line 12
    is the normal format in C, to "catch" the return value from a function. Don't worry about numcount having the same name as the variable being returned from insertionSort(). To the compiler, they are completely different variables.
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