I see borders in crossover images in IE and Chrome?

I have a couple of div-elements with images, they are crossing over each other, all looks fine in Opera, Firefox, Safari, but in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome I see borders, and thats realy make me sad, what can I do to fix it?
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You can see white borders betwen the words.
I don't know even a reason why it happen.


  • Have you set the 'img' tags to have [icode]border="0"[/icode]? There's not much to go on here. Can we see the relevant CSS/HTML?
  • now it's only on my local server, so I can't give a link, reason is not in border=0, I found a couple question from other developers, they had met the same trouble, and still can't found the answer, the reason is in browsers, my html and css is very simple, nothing hard:
    code: <div><span><a><img border="0"></a></span></div>
    css: img { border: 0; }
    other tags is not so important, I reply in FF, Opera and Safari all looks great.
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