Who Will Increase Our Website Page Rank?

Guys i just want to know that is there any script Who Will Increase Our Website Page Rank?
if not then please tell me what can i do for increasing our website pr.!?

Thank You.


  • Hi Jessica, There is not any script to increase our website page rank. You have to do quality link building & publish unique content on your site to increase Page Rank.

  • I know this is a very old thread. Maybe I'll bump it by my post. If anyone here looking to increase their website page rank. Hire a SEO specialist and bring more content to the site which will lead for people to look into it. Also don't look around for any scripts, there's none and it's illegal if there was
  • You don't even have to necessarily hire an SEO specialist. There are certain simple things you can do without any previous knowledge but of course, you have to do some research yourself. I think that it's worth it though because it will greatly increase your search engine rank and therefore it will also increase your traffic.

    SEO is the best way for it. There aren't any ''scripts'' but there are some helpful tools that can guide and aid you by providing different statistical data :)
  • As a blogger, l think the best bet is having a good content on your blog to attract organic traffic.people would always want to visit your blog if you post valuable and informative content.

    Another big thing is marketing,promote your blog to have a wider coverage.
  • If you want to skip all the hard work and nonsense. Get yourself a SEO specialist. It's his job to increase your website ranking which will improve your site overall. Do not waste your time on page ranking, you don't have to put work above the work you already have by running the website. hire a SEO specialist and you're good to go!
  • To increase your page rank you really need to build a very nice backlink then back it up with a very nice content and also share your blogs or site contents on social medias to make it reach to so many people on the internet, well some themes can also help you boost your site ranking if you can really take time to buy and improve them with their features that are been provided,

    To round it up you need to work hard on your webpage or site to make your site a better place and probably fetch some traffics to your site, thanks
  • What your website definitely needs is a SEO specialist. There's no coding or programming script that can be used for increasing the rank of your website on search engines. I personally recommend Boostability, since a friend with several webpages uses it and has seen a lot of improvement in traffic.

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