best to make money

What 's the best programming language to make money with in your country?
(say your location)


  • That is a hard thing to judge. I would say C#, C++, and Java are the more popular languages used in my area (Canada), but I am sure you could make just as much money in other languages. In fact you could probably make more money if you know an only language for maintaining legacy code (such as cobal for bank software), but may be harder to find a job.

    I figure if you know one or two languages fairly well you can easily learn a new one if need be for a job.
    faithnice wrote:
    Hello blogeen what you want to ask? me not understand your question?
    ask about language? English?
    Either you accidentally signed up for the wrong website, or you are just spamming. This is a computer programming forum.
  • danielr123 wrote:
    You can learn iphone apps development which is the latest trend to earn good money.
    This is a good point, not about iphone apps in particular, just that the type of application is more relevant than the language itself when it comes to revenue generation.
  • i am in middle east

    MS languages like C# and VB.NET makes more money than free and open source languages like PHP ,

    high level languages like C++ are no famous , so its hard to tell, but i have to assume that it would be more money because its rare
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