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Hey guys!
I just found this forum, thought I'm gonna share what I'm working on with you guys.

I'm making an MMO game, but nothing fancy. It's going to be in 2D, and it will run in the browser. I use server-side javascript (node.js + socker.io) for the actual game, the client just receives info about what to draw on the screen. So, what do you think about server-side JS anyway? I mean, PHP kinda died, and this seems like a pretty good solution! Guys that are developing node.js are pretty ambitious, it's a great project!

About the game itself:
It's set in the middle ages, and whats interesting is that it's an MMORPG/RTS, meaning that you have your own character, but you can builds stuff on the world map like in a normal real-time strategy game! I played a lot of MMOs, and they all felt a little bit strange because there was no interaction with the world, anything you did didn't matter at all! I plan to change that. Also, there are no classes, like "warrior", or "mage", or something like that, but the players style of play is decided by the choices he makes in the game, and the way he spends his talent points.
Too bad that it wont be considered good by anyone, it's just a hobby of mine... But anyone interested a little bit more, here's my dev blog, and my YouTube channel.


  • PHP didn't die nor is it going to in the near future. Node.js looks great, but it's still too immature for me to seriously consider using for any kind of sever-side work, even if it is growing in popularity. I'll end up learning it when it becomes necessary for what I develop or when it makes my job easier, but for now it's not too useful for me.
  • Good luck on the game, I'm curious to see how it turns out. Also, PHP is certainly not dead.
  • Strange, I thought I replied to my thread...
    Anyway, thanks for your replies, and I was told that PHP is kinda dying, but the person who told me that was then, obviously wrong. I'm sorry to make that mistake :)

    Anyway, you might want to try Node.js, I think it is great, the guys who are making it are very ambitious and the community is getting larger and larger.

    What do you think about the general concept?
  • I have personally never been a fan of of javascript, especially using it outside of client side web stuff. Use whatever you want though, if it works all the power to you.

    As others have said, PHP is certainly not dead and is the most popular server side web language. I use ASP.net myself, which allows you to use C# on the backend.

    Good luck with the game.
  • I agree. I would never use Javascript for server-side programming, but in theory it's possible. Although it's like a hamster eating a sausage. It doesn't make any sense (neither does this analogy). It's not what Javascript was meant for - quite the opposite actually. It's very inefficient. MMOGs need as much efficiency as possible in order to serve a massive amount of players.

    I even have my doubts about using Java for this task, but I may very well be wrong here. I'm not an expert.

    Oh, and good luck, no matter what your decision is.
    PHP kinda died
    How to troll a PHP programmer. :D Not saying you're a troll or anything. It's just a funny thought.
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