Dreamweaver or notepad++

hey guys, ive been hearing alot about this adobe dreamweaver and i was wondering that is it any good from notepad++ that ive been using ??? it seems appealing from the looks of it.

Ur advice is most welcome.
Thanx in advance


  • You don't need all that fancy shmancy development software... just use a text editor. I use Notepad++ and it's great.
  • It depends. If you work on large sites with hundreds of pages and several sections of the site, then Dreamweaver (or Expression Web) is great. If you just have a small personal website with maybe 10 pages, then a normal text editor will do...it will take you longer, but you'll get the same result without spending tons of money. I personally don't use a text editor anymore for creating and maintaining websites...I use Microsoft Expression Studio (basically a full-fledged web design suite comparable to Adobe's suite, but tons cheaper). I am able to design the site much faster, connect to my web server much easier, and, since I maintain multiple websites, I am able to switch sites very easily...but then again, I'm all about things that increase productivity and make my life easier.
  • I personally don't like Dreamweaver at all, and I find the HTML that it generates is just horrible (this was a few years ago though). I prefer to not use any wysiwyg editors and do all the coding at hand. For most of my web development (ASP.Net) I use Visual Studio.
  • thanx alot guys for your advice........
  • The simplest way to design website is using CMS such as wordpress. It is very easy to design and publish the website
  • Wow, this must be the first time a spam bot gave better advice than the real people.
  • I am working on Adobe Dream Waver. It is better than notepad++. You can see live change in dream waver but in notepad++ didn't
  • I think the dreamweaver is more convinient and professional and it's good for big projects that need control , debug , ... .

    but notepad++ is simple and comfortable for small projects ... .

    by simple i mean it's lighter , better , ...

    best wishes
  • if you want to learn something more about development then use notepad++ otherwise use dream weaver. Because For fresher it is better to learn codes in note pad++ while in dream weaver automatically tags are generated by the software.
  • dreamweaver and notepad++ are the same it depends on you what you are comfortable when making a website...
  • macky wrote:
    dreamweaver and notepad++ are the same it depends on you what you are comfortable when making a website...

    Those two programs are from the same thing. One is a complete web development tool and the other is just the best text editor I've ever seen. Both are also used for different things; Dreamweaver makes it easy to manage large sites and a text editor makes it to where you "full" control over the HTML source (even though you have that same control in both Dreamweaver and Expression Web). Dreamweaver makes managing a large site and new pages to it easier than a text editor.
  • Its just that Adobe Dreamweaver is good as well as Notepad ++ but when it comes to HTML and CSS fast coding that will make you type your code easily, i prefer Adobe Dreamweaver but honestly i use now Geany, i find it a lot good. I still use Notepad ++ as well.
  • Regardless if you think dreamweaver is a good tool or not you should still learn how to write HTML and CSS by hand, and notepad++ is a pretty sweet text editor for such a thing. Sure you could go and just go and create a wordpress site or design one with dreamweaver, but if you want to be a professional web developer you need to know how and worth with the code without fancy editors.
  • macky wrote:
    dreamweaver and notepad++ are the same it depends on you what you are comfortable when making a website...

    hummm thats true & i have been using dreamweaver....

    as well want to know new things...
  • For everything that Dreamweaver can accomplish, you can pretty much
    do it all for free. If you use a program such as Notepad+, it'll do the job
    correctly - Use it! Using a program such as WAMP or XAMPP is great aswell.
  • Actually I’m using Dreamweaver for my web designing and I haven’t use Notepad ++, so as I know Dreamweaver is much better for web designing, because it is user friendly and easy to code, also if we have done some code error, it will give a hint.
  • yeah that's the difference in dreamweaver than notepad++.....in dreamweaver it will give you the hint
  • King wrote:
    For most of my web development (ASP.Net) I use Visual Studio.
    Same here...
  • ohhhhh want to learn that asp.net! hehe
  • macky wrote:
    ohhhhh want to learn that asp.net! hehe

    My Filipino friend from Cebu advised me to kill you. :-O
  • I started off with Dreamweaver and i'm still using it!
  • Yes of course, adobe Dreamweaver is the the best web design tool and it is the easiest application to create websites.
  • I like Codelobster
    It is most convenient for me
  • Dream viewer is i guess more helpful while you doing coding stuff, auto tags are generated.
  • Notepad++ all the way, here!

    Every site I have ever made is 100% by hand and every site I have make is 100% W3C code compiliant. :)
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