Good, potrable IDE for Ruby - any suggestions?


I've started my adventure with Ruby recently.
Now I'm looking for good IDE that I can use to edit my code (Ruby scripts and Rails applications). It can be free or commercial (I don't mind spending few quids on it).

So far I've user RubyMine IDE and EditRocket - they are fine, but wonder whether there's something better?

My requirements are:
- portability (I mainly use Mac OS X, but also Windows and Linux)
- code completion

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



  • Most Ruby programmers I know will just use Emacs or Vim. I myself and curious about what IDEs can do for Ruby. How are the code completion abilities of RubyMine or EditRocket? What precisely do these code completion features do?
  • RubyMine deals with Ruby code completion quite well. In EditRocket I haven't seen that feature at all.

    I've also started using NetBeans (it supports Ruby among plethora of other programming languages) and I have to admit it's the best IDE for RUby I've used so far. Code completion works very fast in it.
  • I prefer vim over other editor but netbeans has lots of plugin and feature which can be used for a better development of application
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