How To Program Sliding Bar Displays?

    • How To Program Sliding Bar Displays?

      I wonder how to program the following and which language best suited for the job.

      The task is a scheduler. To be presented as a graphic display of sliding bars across the screen. Horizontally across the screen.

      As we cross the screen from left to right time increases. In daily intervals.

      The bars lie one on top of the other and represent periods of time devoted to that certain task.

      So there could be ten tasks presented on the screen. Each one a bar across the screen, ten bars lying on top of each other.

      The user can click on the right edge of the bar of a task and drag it across the screen thus increasing the length of time time that task takes. Or drag it back to the left, decreasing the time.

      The way we do in video editing software.

      And browse up and down and left and right.

      And click within a bar and set time textually there instead of sliding.

      And hover over a bar and see the details of that task pop up.

      What would be the best way/best language to do that in? Can anyone help?

      This might not be the right place for this thread but I couldn't see a place devoted to general programming.