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  • Hello, How To create a folder and get the path of the same using tkinter gui / windows explorer in python?? Thanks in advance with regards G.Gnanasenthil

  • Hello, How to interpret the documentation in pydoc module browser. I open up the documentation for a module. There is a paragraph about the module and there are titles like "classes", "methods defined here" and in some cases "constants". Sometimes words like baseclasses, wrapper do appear. In somecases inside the parameters "** options" are put. How to understand/ interpret the python documentation Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello, I tried to solve the this problem . The problem demands a solution that runs in less than 1s. But for the largest input of the problem i get no where near . How could the code be optimized further. here is the code i wrote. Python Source Code (33 lines)

  • Problem with lists

    gnanasenthil654321 - - Python


    Hello, i create a list a = [[0]*3]*3 now when i do a[0][2] = 1 i get a output a = [[0,0,1],[0,0,1],[0,0,1]] how do i modify a single element in the this list? Thank you..

  • hello, my code gives a answer 0 to your test case. kindly can u give me another test case with the expected output.

  • May be i express my logic in plain english, i suppose that would help 1. p = array containing the diffrent weights 2. Sort the array p in the decending order of the weights 3. Now lets name two other arrays 'x' and 'y'. 4. Now take the first element from p and place it in 'x'. 5. Now take the second element from p and place it in 'y'. 6. Continue to do the same (take the next element from p and place it in 'y') until the sum of the weights in y >= sum of weights in x. 7. Now place the next weigh…

  • Yes It did give the right answer when i ran through the example data set. I also do not see anything wrong with my line of thinking. (Atleast is my line of thinking right ??).

  • Hello I tried to solve a problem from timus. I wrote the following code in python Python Source Code (42 lines) I not sure why i get a wrong answer from the online judge. I not sure if the input method is wrong or is it with my logic, Kindly explain. Thank you

  • Hello In the following code the final output where the dictionary is sorted is not working fine. The last two elements in the dictionary are not properly sorted. [ICODE]Python Source Code (79 lines)[/ICODE] I get a output like this "{1: 1, 2: 2, 4: 3, 5: 6, 40: 9, 10: 7, 13: 10, 16: 5, 8: 4, 20: 8} {1: 1, 2: 2, 4: 3, 5: 6, 8: 4, 10: 7, 13: 10, 16: 5, 40: 9, 20: 8} " Is there is a logical error in the code?

  • No database selected error

    gnanasenthil654321 - - PHP


    Hello, I want to built a data driven website, for it I chose to use WAMP as the server and php for scripting. But when try to select the database, I get the following error " no database selected". But when i use the ''test" database that comes with the wamp server , I do not get the above error. I am sure about the database name, username and password. Is there anything I should change in Wamp server settings or Am I missing something else. Googling about the problem did not help. What could be…

  • How to start??/

    gnanasenthil654321 - - Assembly


    Hello I am using windows 7 64 bit version in a computer with intel core i5 processor. Now i want to learn assembly language programming. What i should installl? Which learning materials should i look for Thanks in advance

  • Java Sources

    gnanasenthil654321 - - Java


    Quote from venomous: “Hello guys, I want to learn how to program in java but no matter how much i search no tutorial suits me.Please post if you know any books or sites that teach you everything about java because i am realy sick of those programming books that tell you half the story and i have spent more than 6 months searching:sad:.I know c++ and a little python.I know that c++ syntax and java are relatively close but i can get a thing when i read java source code:P,nor i realy get all these …

  • Quote from gnanasenthil654321: “thanks macteki so does it mean that when i export the java program to another computer also, teh same code will be able to read the file that it intended to read and will not retrun null (not able to find resource)” i also found this useful.

  • thanks macteki so does it mean that when i export the java program to another computer also, teh same code will be able to read the file that it intended to read and will not retrun null (not able to find resource)

  • hello i have a small java app which accesses a text file for displaying text to JTextArea, from the following location "D:\Programming\Java\javaapps\Textfiles_for_causes\A.txt". I will be distributing this app to others also where i cannot except the textfile to be there in the same location. So i want this text file somehow to be included in the program itself. I want this text file to be packaged into the generated jar and also the app should work without hazzles after making it into a .exe fi…

  • Hello I want to make a data acquisition system in python. We have a USB based hardware. i will be using it to acquire data to my computer. I would want the data to displayed live and after acquiring for reviewing in my computer also . How should i proceed?

  • Also i found Launch4j was a good easy to use wrapper to wrap jar file to a windows executable file. Happy coding

  • Quote from Radfgpoia: “You have done such an amazing job on this series. I envy your sewing skills and your patience and your diligence. If anyone ever asks me how to sew, I'm sending them to your blog and this series. Congratulations on such an extensive, well thought out and clearly presented set of tutorials.” Thanks Radfgpoia, your reply was boosting.

  • Quote from Mathhead200: “Check that the version of Java is the same.” thanks , i checked the java version. java version was the problem

  • hello raghuram, i tried installing java runtime environment (by downloading it from but even then the executable jar file wasnt working what to do